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Throw punches in bunches and burn more calories than you ever have before. This complete conditioning program will have you jabbing, hooking, running and jumping!


Flashing lights bring out the best fights! Box your way to the greatest body you’ve ever had while listening to the latest tunes. Club lighting and a ton of sweating during this one hour workout!


Lift things up…put them down and run around in our true cross training program! If you’re looking to sculpt and build your dream body and maybe add on a few lean pounds of muscle then this is it!

Rumba Zumba

Dance , squat, jump and dance again with this fun upbeat class while working towards a leaner you! You’ve never danced and sweated your way to a greater version of you like you will with this class!


Kick it with us as we help you whip yourself into the best shape possible with our dynamic kickboxing class! If you’re looking to kick some major a#!, then this is just the class for you!

Ulti -Mixxx

10 Stations…3 Rounds… a complete body workout! Are you ready to work towards the greatest version of yourself?


Turn things up a notch with this total body conditioning class! Speed things up and slow them down as you go through rounds of jump rope, weightlifting and of course; core work. This is just the class to get you leaner than ever!