The 5 Best Ways To Tone Your Arms And Lose Arm Fat


Depression can kill. Everyone knows in this day and age that mental health should not be ignored, and like it or not, a big part of your mental wellbeing is being comfortable in your own skin and liking what you see in the mirror.

Getting yourself to a healthy weight is one thing. But finally eliminating those stubborn pockets of fat can feel impossible.

Today we’re going to talk about reducing arm fat; we’re going to find out what works, what doesn’t, and we’re also going to touch on mentally healthy ways to approach your weight-loss journey.

Arm flab that’s a pain in the ass to get rid off. You could run a couple of miles a day and go hardcore keto, and oftentimes the arm flab is the last to go.

But don’t fret. There are plenty of solutions to toning your arms and burning off that under-hanging jiggle. In today’s entry, we focus on the methods that work the fastest, so you can look your best ASAP!

1. Focus On Losing Weight All Over Your Body

If you’re this far down your arm flab weight loss journey, you might have come across the concept of spot reduction.

Many people believe that by engaging in workouts that target certain parts of your body, you can reduce the body fat at that exact spot. Working out the muscles in your core, for example, might be thought of as a means of reducing belly fat, based on the logic of spot reduction. A lot of gyms and trainers promote this notion too.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty much incorrect. The majority of controlled scientific studies show that spot reduction categorically fails to locally reduce fat, and instead causes fat reduction all over the body. There’s a simple reason: fat burning is a completely different process than muscle growth and energy transport.

If you want to lose your arm flab, forget about spot reduction––just focus on losing weight in general.

2. Start A Diet That Promotes Weight Loss Through Calorie Deficits

It’s said that weight loss is 80% diet, 20% exercise. There are a million fad diets out there that all have variable success, whether they limit the kind of food you’re eating or force you to eat in specialized patterns.

But the real secret to weight loss has been lying in the numbers all along: Calories in, calories out.

Basically, your body requires a certain number of calories to ‘exist’, which is a metric known as the basal metabolic rate or BMR. If you consume more calories than your BMR requires, your body stores the extra calories as fat. If you consume fewer calories, you incur a calorie deficit, and your body burns some fat to give you the energy you need.

Because reducing your arm flab involves general weight loss, you can accelerate the process by simply eating a little bit less than you need to slowly work at achieving a consistent fat burn process.

You should also be aware of the kind of foods you eat. Low-volume but high-calorie foods such as junk food and sweetened drinks will leave your stomach rumbling but pack on the pounds!

3.  Pump Up The Cardio

For the remaining 20% of your arm fat weight loss journey, you’ll want to double down on the type of exercise that really does the trick in burning calories. Cardio workouts elevate your heart rate, which can help promote weight loss and improve your muscle growth.

For best results, try to work in at least 30-40 minutes of cardio every day, whether that’s jogging, swimming, or even dancing. One excellent cardio workout for weight loss is high-intensity interval training, which is especially well-suited to group fitness classes.

4. Do Some Arm-Focused Exercises

Even if spot reduction doesn’t work, you don’t just want your arms to lose their fat––you want the muscles beneath to be gorgeously toned. That’s why you should still maintain an arm-focused workout to ensure that you’re getting the right definition and appearance underneath the layer of flab. When your muscles finally reveal themselves from beneath their layer of fat, they’ll be ready to show off!

Some of the best arm-focused exercises you can do are bicep curls and tricep extensions with dumbells. They’re easy to pull off with minimal home equipment, and if you do a couple of sets every day, you’ll be toned in no time! You can also use resistance training to really help you tone up. If you don’t have you own resistance bands, check with your local gym or personal trainer to see if they have some available.

If you don’t have the equipment or the time to give yourself a proper gym workout, bodyweight exercises are really easy to do and can provide a similar level of muscle growth. Chair dips and tricep extensions only need a chair or hard bench and a wall to work with.

Whatever you choose to do, maximizing your arm workouts involves doing a combination of explosive high-intensity workouts, and low-intensity exercise. Keep up the action and you’ll have tough, rippling arms in no time.

5. Drink Plenty Of Water

Staying hydrated is extremely important to good health, and it can actually help with weight loss too.

Studies show that water can help you lose weight by increasing your metabolism and reducing the amount you eat by keeping you full.

Of course, as we said in our dietary advice, sweetened drinks are going to be far less helpful in weight loss because of the calories they contain. If you’re truly going for weight loss, stick to plain old water, unsweetened drinks, or diet versions of soda or iced tea.


Weight loss. Water. Workouts. This is the key to losing your arm flab…but also the key to better health all around. A holistic health plan will have you not only looking better, but feeling better and living better too.

And of course, once you’ve gotten rid of your arm fat and have started toning your arms, don’t stop there! Work on every muscle, from shoulders to core and all the way down to your legs. The fitness journey doesn’t stop until you’ve lived a long and fulfilling life.

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