Why Kickboxing Classes Are Great For You!

Girl doing kickboxing training

In our previous article, Top 10 Tips To Burn Fat Quicker, we stated that doing cardio exercises increases your fat burning potential. Today we bring you a workout style that combines martial arts techniques with cardio to help burn calories. We are referring to kickboxing!

Kickboxing is a form of martial arts that combines techniques from karate and boxing. Being that it’s a form of martial arts, it’s mainly used as a method of self-defense, but also provides you with numerous physical and emotional benefits; Through kickboxing, you tone your muscles, burn fat, and gain self-defense skills.

Burn Calories

Kickboxing burns a ton of calories as long as you put effort into it. You can burn as much as 500 calories per class; add some strength training, and you’re bound to burn an additional 200-300 calories. You’ll be well on your way to tone your muscles and melt fat away.

Tone your Muscles

Kickboxing works the muscles from your arms, legs, and core; in other words, it’s a full body workout! Through repetitive use of these muscles, mixed with cardiovascular exercises, and strength training, there’s no place in your body that won’t get toned.

Gain Confidence

A lot of people do kickboxing training for its physical benefit, but through the techniques learned in kickboxing, you’ll and have the necessary skills and confidence to get you through a dangerous situation.

That wraps up our article on the benefits of kickboxing classes. Let us know what you thought of our article in the comments below!

If you are from the Bronx and have been looking for a great workout to help you lose weight, tone your muscles, and give you some self-defense skills join our “Kickn’ It” kickboxing class that we offer as part of our group fitness classes. Our highly experienced trainer Patricia will give you the motivation and skills to take you to the next level and help you accomplish your fitness goals!

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1 thought on “Why Kickboxing Classes Are Great For You!”

  1. This has to be one of the most informative blogs I’ve read regarding kickboxing. Thank you so much and looking forward to trying one of Patricia’s classes. One of my friends goes to that gym and said that her class is AMAZING! Great job BNB!!!

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